Because Only Together We Can !

Let’s create a safe and jovial surrounding for the seniors.

• Easton • Mansfield • Sharon • Attleboro • Stoughton • Brockton • Bridgewater • Foxboro
• Franklin  • Norwood • Bellingham • Hopkinton • Medfield • Walpole

Because Only Together We Can !

Let’s create a safe and jovial surrounding for the seniors.

• Easton • Mansfield • Sharon • Attleboro • Stoughton • Brockton
• Bridgewater • Foxboro
• Franklin  • Norwood • Bellingham • Hopkinton • Medfield • Walpole

Who We Are

Community of volunteers-

We are an expanding community of volunteers that provide a helping hand to the senior citizens by providing them the much-needed support. It could range from financial aid to necessary services that would help the senior citizens in attaining a stress-free mind-set.

Senior Citizen helpers-

Our society sometimes fails to understand that old-age period calls for more attention in terms of care, not just healthcare, but also mental care. They need enough heed to be paid to and healthy companionship to pass their days.Volunteering for Seniors takes all the possible steps to assure this.

Invitation for Volunteer Application-

We, at Volunteering for Seniors, invite volunteers across all , communities and backgrounds to aid us in reducing old-age isolation. Our volunteers shall work to assure that the senior citizens are being able to lead a respectful and a happy social life. Along with this, the volunteers will also abet in providing a number of supportive services to the senior-citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce loneliness and isolation among elders and help them stay more energetic. We aim at making sure that they blend into their communities without difficulties. We achieve this through meaningful volunteering. Those who join this noble cause have a heart for their work. Our volunteers will make a huge difference in the lives of our members. They will do this by providing  friendly visits, Virtual Volunteering, computer help and many more.  Our services also include giving our members a platform to express themselves. Many of our volunteers create connections and friendships with our members. Our aim is to serve elderly citizens in an all-inclusive manner, enabling them to live more active, dignified and healthier lives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to engage communities by empowering seniors and making sure that elders live life to their fullest potential and age productively with dignity.  This will be allowing them to live life to the fullest potential. It will also give them a chance to be engaging our volunteers in vital and meaningful roles. In the passage of time, this will give our members good experiences. These will all be experiences coming from such interactions. We realize the wisdom vested in these senior citizens. That is why the more our volunteers interact with our members, the more wisdom they gain.

Our Values

— Honesty

We believe in promoting honesty in dealing with our members. Our volunteers are trustworthy individuals. They have accrued years of trustworthy service. To this effect, our members are in good hands with a team of honest volunteers. The same values are promoted around the residences of our members.

— Dignity

Our volunteers are trained to treat our members with dignity. This does not depend on their affiliations or other discriminatory factors. They are treated with the dignity of elderly members of society. The bottom line is that every human deserves the dignity. It does not matter whether you are coming from a particular background or not.

— Reliability

Our volunteers are individuals who are reliable. They have proved their reliability over a long period. Our members have managed to trust these professionals because of their reliability.

— Hard work

We take hard work seriously and all our volunteers have come to know that. Our members are well-cared for in the hands of our hard-working volunteers. This is a value that has kept our members building confidence in our organization.

"The art of selfless help will build a better world for golden agers."

Featured Volunteer Profile

Emily Armstrong

My name is Emily Armstrong. I just recently graduated from Appalachian State University with my BSW, after completing my internship with SDAP. I have always enjoyed volunteering with people of various age groups! I have assisted with children’s ministry at my local church, volunteered at homeless shelters, volunteered with the diverse ability population, and more! I am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given, and I am so happy to be now working with the elderly! They’re such an important group due to their experiences and knowledge! My grandparents have been a huge inspiration to me throughout my life, and they are part of what inspires me to volunteer!